Balloon Hire Purchase

Balloon Hire Purchase is a versatile financing option to maintain lower monthly instalment with flexible repayment methods at the end of the agreement. You will pay equal monthly instalment and a predetermined balloon payment at the end of the agreement.

With Balloon Hire Purchase, you can put your decision of owning the car at contract end. At the end of an agreement period you can:

- Make the final payment and take ownership of the vehicle;
- Trade the vehicle in for a new model; or
- Extend the agreement period by spreading the cost of the final payment

    Sample Calculation Balloon Hire Purchase Finance Lease
    Model GLC 250 GLC 250
    Car Price (HKD) $499,900 $499,900
    Down payment / Advance Payment (HKD) $49,990 $55,968
    Tenure (Month) 60 60
    Monthly instalment(HKD) $6,724 $9,328
    Tenure (months) 36 48 60
    Flexibility to choose maximum balloon amount up to: 40% of vehicle price 35% of vehicle price 30% of vehicle price
    • Balloon payment of HK$ 149,970 after 5 years
    • All payments shown are estimated and are for reference only. For details, please contact our Sales Consultant at 2594 8822

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