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All-wheel drive - outstanding, assertive power

The GL doesn't know what bad road conditions are

4MATIC all-wheel drive

The 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive provides dynamic handling and can help enhance your safety – particularly in challenging driving situations. 4MATIC elevates the driving dynamics, traction and handling.
Even when the going gets tough, 4MATIC all-wheel drive helps you keep moving more safely. If there is a risk of wheels spinning on surfaces with different degrees of grip, in a fraction of a second selective brake interventions redirect the engine's torque to the wheels that are not spinning.
The advantages at a glance:

  • Ultimate safety: as the 4MATIC system is always active, it scarcely needs any time to react in unfavourable weather conditions such as heavy rain
  • Working as a team: the all-wheel drive works on the basis of a two-stage transfer case and, in combination with the powerful engines and the automatic transmission, ensures excellent driving dynamics
  • Additional systems: the ESP® Electronic Stability Program and 4ETS Electronic Traction System with integral ABS and ASR acceleration skid control functions increase the effect of the all-wheel drive further still, thereby giving outstanding traction and handling
  • High traction capability: the 4ETS electronic traction system brakes spinning wheels individually or on each axle



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