MercedesTrophy 2017

7 finalists will represent Hong Kong at the MercedesTrophy Asian Final held in Australia, with one champion making it to the World Final in Stuttgart, Germany.

Celebrating its 9th year in Hong Kong, the MercedesTrophy will launch “The Road To MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017” qualifying series starting from November 2016 onwards. The MercedesTrophy is a worldwide invitational amateur golf series spanning over 2 decades and has earnt international recognition in the worldwide golfing calendar. With over 65,000 players from over 60 countries playing each year in the local, regional and national MercedesTrophy events.

Hong Kong has established its tournament final as one of the city’s most highly anticipated amateur golf tournaments to participate in. 7 winners from the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong will receive entry to the Australian Asian Final, and the top scoring Mercedes-Benz owner among the Hong Kong team will win the qualification to the MercedesTrophy World Final in Stuttgart, Germany.

The MercedesTophy Hong Kong 2017 will be held during the month of May 2017. Positions in the tournament will require participation within the various qualifying rounds organized by the Hong Kong Golf Association. Participants who are interested in joining the qualifying rounds may refer to the details below:

    The Road To MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017

    Your road to MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017 begins by entering into one of the below qualifying tournaments organized by the Hong Kong Golf Association(i). Details and the entry form can be obtained from

      Qualifying Tournament 1
      HK Seniors Open Amateur Championship | The Hong Kong Golf Club
      9-11 Nov 2016

      Qualifying Tournament 2
      HK Close Amateur & Mid Amateur Close Championships | The Hong Kong Golf Club
      28-30 Jan 2017

      Qualifying Tournament 3
      HKGA Spring Mens Tournament | The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
      6 Mar 2017

      Qualifying Tournament 4 
      HKGA Spring Ladies’ Tournament | Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
      14 Mar 2017

      Qualifying Tournament 5
      HKGA Stableford Tournament | Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
      25 April 2017

      Golfers who successfully qualify for the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017 (iii) will receive an invitation pack after the qualifying tournament, and are required to confirm participation by returning the enrollment document before the deadline as stated in the entry form.

        MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017

        Eligibility to participate in MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017

        • Participants must have an official handicap with current updated index issued by HKGA
        • Handicap index requirement: Men's Division A: 0-9 | Division B: 10 - 15 | Division C: 16 - 24 | Ladies Division D: 0 – 36 (Handicap groupings will be subject to change depending on the number of players in each division after handicap revisions made by the Tournament Committee.)
        • All players must provide a GHIN reference number as updated Handicap index will be used for assigning the division of play at the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017
        • Participants must be 18 years of age or above with amateur golf status
        • Employees and associates of Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong and Zung Fu Company Limited are prohibited from participating in the MercedesTrophy series of tournaments
        • An entry deposit of HK$1,000 is required and will be returned on the day of the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017


        All plays shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf issued by the R&A and the Local Rules introduced by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Committee will finalize all major challenges with Rules & Regulations pertaining to the golf tournament and determine all the final scores, and therefore all the winners. The format of play will be Stroke Play with division winners based on Net scores through Stableford points with individual handicap index adjusted based on course rating in accordance with recommendations by R&A.

        Players will be divided into divisions as follows based on their most up-to-date handicap index:

        Division A: Handicap 0-9
        Division B: Handicap 10-15
        Division C: Handicap 16-24

        Division D: Handicap 0-36

        *Grouping is subject to change upon reviewing all participants’ handicap index.

          Tournament Awards

          Winner+, Runner-up+ & 2nd Runner-up will be awarded in each Division A, B, C and D
          (Should the winner from either Division A, B and C be the top player among Mercedes-Benz owners, the winner and the runner-up of that division will then be qualified to the Asian Final.)

          Special Hole Competition Awards:
          Hole-In-One#, Nearest to the Pin, Nearest to the Line & Longest Drive

          + : Winner from Division A, B, C and D as well as the top player among Mercedes-Benz owners from Division A, B and C will proceed to the Asian Final.

          # : There will only be one Hole-In-One prize available for the whole tournament. The prize will be awarded to the first winner only.

            MercedesTrophy Asian Final and World Final

            Seven winners from the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong (6 winners from the Men’s categories and 1 winner from the Ladies’ category) will then advance to play in the MercedesTrophy Asian Final(iv) in Gold Coast, Australia, in 2017. The best scoring Mercedes-Benz owner among the Hong Kong representatives will then proceed to the MercedesTrophy World Final(v & vi) – held in Stuttgart, Germany, competing against players from over 30 nations across the globe for the ‘Nations Trophy’.

              For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Jenny Ng at +852 2895 7370.

              We look forward to seeing you at the various tournaments.

              Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited reserves the rights to amend any information, rules and regulations without prior notice as well as making the final decision in case of any disputes.

                Terms and Conditions:

                (i) Entries into the qualifying tournaments will be accepted at the discretion of The Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA), their decisions will be final and is limited to subscribers of the HKGA. In the event of over subscription, entries will be decided by ballot.

                (ii) To enroll as a HKGA subscriber, please fill in the application form at (under the ‘Handicapping Information’ section) and return to HKGA with an annual subscription fee.

                (iii) Limited quotas will be reserved in each tournament for owners of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, registered through Zung Fu Company Limited, to enter the MercedesTrophy Hong Kong 2017.

                (iv) The rule of “one-year ban” applies to MercedesTrophy Asian Final 2017. Participants of MercedesTrophy Asian Final 2016 will not be allowed to qualify again for the MercedesTrophy Asian Final 2017.

                (v) To qualify for the MercedesTrophy World Final, the player must be an owner of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, registered through Zung Fu Company Limited before participating in the MercedesTrophy Asian Final and during the MercedesTrophy World Final.

                (vi) The rule of “once-in-a-lifetime” experience applies to MercedesTrophy World Final 2017, all Mercedes-Benz owner can only participate once in MercedesTrophy World Final.

                (vii) In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.