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A safer way to provide help: rescue stickers with QR codes

The increasing complexity of vehicle technology means that ever more factors need to be taken into consideration during rescue of trapped drivers and passengers in an accident. Valuable support to rescue services in such situations now comes in the form of a rescue sticker incorporating a QR code, available for all Mercedes-Benz cars.

Rescuers can simply open the digital rescue card by scanning the QR code with their smartphones or tablets. Through the internet, the devices are able to read useful information, including the location of vital vehicle components such as fuel tanks, airbags and electric cables. Such information allows fast and safe rescue, and helps minimise the risks hidden behind the rescuers, trapped driver and passengers.

Mercedes-Benz is the first car manufacturer in the world to equip its products with the rescue sticker as standard. The location of the rescue stickers is standardised for each Mercedes-Benz & smart car models, they can be easily found inside the fuel filler flap and on the B-pillar on the other side of the vehicle.

The Rescue Assist App is specially developed for situation with no mobile internet connection is available and it is now available on Google Play and the App Store. The app allows to open rescue cards offline from the device memory. The device memory is updated with new and changed rescue cards at the push of a button.