A generation ahead: the new Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Refinement meets efficiency

March 29, 2012 – The third generation Mercedes-Benz M-Class scores particularly highly on out-standing energy efficiency and on average the new model range consumes 25 percent less fuel than the previous models. Further strengths of the premium SUV with permanent all-wheel drive include exceptional safety and well-balanced ride comfort as well as excellent driving dynamics both on and off the road. What's more, the new M-Class features an array of new chassis developments and in-novative dynamic handling control systems which further enhance both driving enjoyment and han-dling safety. A characteristic body design and a variable interior with a high wellness factor add to the richness of the driving experience in this new model.

With the M-Class, it's always been a case of combining the comfort and luxury of a saloon car with the off-road characteristics and the emotiveness of an SUV. The fact that the new M-Class is as fuel-efficient as the economical saloon cars displaying the Mercedes star makes the all-wheel-drive model even more desirable. A range of state-of-the-art engines, a class-leading cd figure (drag co-efficient) of 0.32 and extensive BlueEFFICIENCY measures lay the foundations for outstanding energy efficiency.

A model of success: the M-Class sets new standards in the world of the SUV

  • The new generation of BlueDIRECT petrol engines ensure excellent economy and an outstanding life cycle assessment of the new M-Class. The new M-Class has the potential to set standards in the SUV world once again: one average it consumes one quarter less fuel than its predecessor and as such will be the most economical vehicle in its segment.

Long-distance champion: a high level of efficiency ensures a long range

The excellent fuel economy is underpinned by a comprehensive package of BlueEFFICIENCY measures as well as by this state-of-the-art engineering. In addition to the ECO start/stop function that comes as standard, these measures include the new seven-speed 7G-TRONIC PLUS auto-matic transmission with a new fuel-economy converter, friction-optimised bearings and a transmis-sion oil thermal management system. Low-friction axle drives, electric steering, the optimised belt drive with decoupler, the on-demand control of all ancillary components and pumps, and tyres with low rolling resistance also play their part in reducing fuel consumption. What's more, intelligent lightweight design has stopped the weight from spiralling upwards.

Intensive simulations undertaken with the digital prototype, along with final touches added in the wind tunnel, ensure a perfect flow of air around the vehicle. The key factor determining the low wind resistance is the aerodynamic efficiency of the basic body shell, including the optimised design of the front bumper, of the A-pillars and of the roof spoiler, plus numerous other detailed im-provements.

    The result: a high level of comfort and outstanding driving dynamics on and off the road

    Well thought-out: safety at its best

    Impressive credentials: the design

    Upgrade as standard: interior with a first-class ambience