Plenty of space and maximum versatility – the L-cab with low roof

L-cab with low roof

The L-cab is also available with a lower internal height of 1.56 m. This cab is particularly well-suited to applications that call for both generous cab space and room above the cab roof for attachments, e.g. a loading crane. The L-cab with low roof is fitted as standard with a suspension seat and manually regulated air-conditioning system. This cab also features two illuminated stowage compartments, which can be accessed from both inside and outside the vehicle. And thanks to the ergonomic layout of key controls, and a practical stowage concept that includes an extended dash support, the L-cab offers an outstanding working environment for all applications and requirements.

Cab dimensions

Exterior length [m] 2.28
Exterior width [m] 2.50
Interior height [m] 1.56
Interior width [m] 2.26