Meeting generous space requirements – the L-cab

Exterior view

The large and extremely spacious L-cab is available as an option for two, three and four-axle models – and is highly recommended when covering longer journeys. It includes everything you need on long journeys: including a luxury bed with adjustable headboard in the lower sleeping area, and an optional upper luxury bed, which is fully adjustable by up to 10° in the direction of travel to compensate for an uneven floor. Both beds feature a high-quality foam mattress and a contour-adaptive, individually adjustable slatted frame.

The L-cab is equipped with a manually regulated air-conditioning system. It also features two large stowage compartments – with the option of an integrated refrigerator and folding table – and illuminated stowage compartments that are large enough to hold a drinks crate and can be accessed from both inside and outside the vehicle. And thanks to the ergonomic layout of key controls, and a practical stowage concept that includes an extended dash support, the L-cab offers an outstanding working environment for all applications and requirements.

Cab dimensions

Exterior length [m] 2.28
Exterior width [m] 2.50
Interior height [m] 1.92
Interior width [m] 2.26