Cab variants

The first cab to be systematically developed for heavy-duty distribution

To ensure optimum ease of handling and make sure it can be matched exactly to the end application, the new Antos is available with a total of six cab variants. For applications calling for maximum body length and a low unladen weight, the ClassicSpace S-cab is the natural choice. The ClassicSpace M-cab is well-suited to longer runs and the CompactSpace M-cab with its flat roof is ideal for transporting cars. An excellent overall view and the ability to take large payloads are benefits all cab variants have in common: the generous adjustment range of both the newly developed seats and the steering wheel makes sure that even larger drivers are able to sit, work and drive in complete comfort. As you can see, with the new Antos cabs and its application-matched, driver-focused equipment features, you are ideally prepared for the challenges of heavy-duty distribution.