Quality knows no compromise. The Atego

Using the highest quality standards to meet the most demanding requirements. That’s what the Atego stands for – in every respect.

In delivering such quality, the Atego makes a key contribution to workplace comfort. Highlights include seating comfort, the ergonomic layout of controls, the clearly structured instrument displays with on-board check system, large stowage compartments, and the excellent heating system. Three different cockpit variants also ensure outstanding operating comfort. They offer outstanding ergonomic features, practical shelves and stowage compartments, as well as easy-to-clean materials. In short, the Atego offers a carefully designed workplace that not only delivers greater functionality, but also high-quality equipment and an impressive visual impact.

The safety systems available include the optional Telligent® brake system, which can react at lightning speed when a critical situation is identified, as well as internally ventilated disc brakes, which help the Atego to operate with safety and reliability in short-radius distribution.

The Atego also has a positive effect on life cycle costs thanks to high-quality engines, outstanding shifting comfort and superb driving characteristics.