Robust, durable and ideal for mounting bodies – the frame


The Actros frame features minimum weight and a robust, durable construction that is ideal for mounting bodies. Two other outstanding features are the innovative integral rear section for 4x2 and 6x2 semitrailer tractors and the carefully designed frame head. Since all components are bolt-connected, they can be replaced easily and economically if repair is necessary. The weight-optimised front underride guards also reduces unladen weight. Another advantage of the Actros design is the position of the headlamps above the front apron areas, which are at particularly high risk from stone chipping. The optional chassis protective sealant provides effective corrosion protection for the chassis and frame attachments. The transparent protective film enables you to make a visual inspection of the metal surface and read model plates.

Further advantages:

Four longitudinal member thicknesses are available to suit different gross vehicle weights: 7 mm, 8 mm, 9.5 mm and 9.5 mm with reinforcements for construction vehicles; uniform frame taper and 50 mm hole pattern for precise, efficient body planning or implementation of standardised bodies; corrosion protection thanks to cathodic dip priming.
Wheelbase variants from 3300 mm to 6000 mm

Actros Lowliner

If your profitability is dictated by volume rather than payload capacity, the Actros lowliner is just what you're looking for. It has much more to offer than a 3 m loading height: it includes an application-based powertrain, for example. Operating in conjunction with direct-drive transmissions, the single-reduction HL 6 hypoid axle ensures low fuel consumption.