Reliability, economy and lightweight design. The Axor

No matter what you're transporting, for medium-distance transport operations the Axor offers the best prerequisites for doing so particularly economically. The Axor saves on unladen weight and fuel consumption, for example. This is thanks to its weight-optimised frame and low unladen weight, its durable, low-consumption 6-cylinder in-line engines which enable economic compliance with the Euro 5 emissions standard; and maintenance intervals from 100,000 km to up to 120,000 km*. Additionally, there are Axor options capable of meeting the even stricter EEV** emissions standard. A key contribution to the high fuel economy is also made by the Telligent® engine system, which ensures an extremely efficient combustion process and reduces consumption and emissions.

But there are many more factors contributing to the low running costs. The Axor comes optionally with Mercedes PowerShift*** and three Economy Packs, which further increase economy. The Mercedes PowerShift automatic transmission, incidentally, embodies everything the Axor stands for, giving extremely good vehicle handling, driving dynamics, low fuel consumption and, of course, high payload.

Particularly long drive train warranty, low maintenance/repair costs, high mileage and a high resale value are just some of the other benefits you can expect. Additionally, low-cost service contracts and services such as FleetBoard® and Mercedes-Benz Eco driver training offer the potential for savings. The Axor thus offers everything you need for economical medium-distance transport operations.

* in conjunction with the Telligent® maintenance system

** for the 210 kW and 240 kW versions of the Axor

*** available for Axor semitrailer tractors and platform trucks upwards of 265 kW