More innovations, enhanced safety, fewer accidents

It’s not just insurance companies that benefit from fewer accidents. Quite apart from the risk of personal injury to the driver, accidents prevent orders from being processed and generate additional costs. The high levels of safety in the Axor demonstrate just what a truck can do to help prevent accidents. That’s why all Axor vehicles deliver compliance with the European ECE-R 29 standard, and feature excellent all-round visibility, and shatter-proof, flame-retardant materials with smooth, rounded edges. Protection from dazzling sunlight is provided by roller blinds for the windscreen, driver’s side window and, as an option, the co-driver’s side window. A driver airbag in conjunction with a belt tensioner is also available as an option. We also understand that safety includes protecting the vehicle and driver from uninvited guests. That’s why we offer an optional extended central locking system, which locks the doors at the touch of a button, and also closes any open windows and the roof hatch automatically. Looking to boost safety? Dynamic control and driver assistance systems can make a significant contribution to enhancing safety for the driver, vehicle and load.