Cab variants

Because we don't believe in compromise: mission-oriented cabs

Thanks to widths of 2500 mm and 2300 mm, and a length of 2300 mm that is larger than its predecessor, the new Actros with the GigaSpace, BigSpace, StreamSpace and ClassicSpace cabs meets virtually all demands relating to space, equipment and comfort.

Greater mission orientation and added comfort

With a total of five roof shapes, two widths and different cab heights the eleven cab variants offer excellent conditions for enjoying working in long-distance transport - and for doing it well. Numerous additional equipment options are available for all cabs that make the working and living space even more individual and comfortable.


The CompactSpace cab with a width of 2300 mm, flat roof and an engine tunnel height of 170 mm or 320 mm is perfect for vehicle transports.


The ClassicSpace cab with a width of 2300 mm and an engine tunnel height of 170 mm or 320 mm is intended for regional long-distance transport. It is optionally also available with a level floor.


The StreamSpace cab with a width of 2300 mm is designed for use with one driver in national long-distance transport. In addition to the variants with an engine tunnel height of 170 mm or 320 mm, it is optionally available with a continuous level floor. As a result it has a standing headroom* of 1.97 m, and has 100 l more volume and 70 l more stowage capacity than its predecessor. The StreamSpace cab is also available with a width of 2500 mm and a level floor – providing even more freedom of movement and more stowage space for tasks in international long-distance transport. The StreamSpace cab helps ensure particularly low fuel consumption due to its low drag, and compared with the other cabs of the new Actros it offers the best ratio between aerodynamics and comfortable living.

BigSpace and GigaSpace

The BigSpace cab with a level floor, 1.99 m standing headroom* and a width of 2500 mm is perfectly suited to international routes. Its characteristic features are great freedom of movement and plenty of stowage space, translating into figures as 5700 litres of interior capacity and 890 litres of stowage capacity.

Only the GigaSpace cab offers more space and comfort. It has been designed for international long-distance transport and offers an optimum amount of stowage capacity to meet the needs of two-driver crews. With 920 litres more space, 50 litres more stowage capacity and its standing headroom* of 2.13 m it not only has a more impressive sense of spaciousness than was the case in the Actros Megaspace cab – there is also a lot of extra room for everything that has to travel on board.

* Between the seats