A new dimension for payloads

Simply take more with you as standard: the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer

With the new Actros you can be even more economical in long-distance transport than ever before. To meet these needs even for transport with sensitive payloads and volume transport in particular, we developed the Actros Loader and the Actros Volumer. That’s because special work requires special tools – or to be more precise, special vehicles.

Lower unladen weight – for a greater payload

With the new Actros Loader all possibilities for saving on unladen weight were tested and – as long as they were technically sound – systematically implemented. The result: payload-optimised tractor units and platform trucks which are amongst the lightest in long-distance transport. Ex factory. With powerful, economical Euro VI engines and application-based cabs, all without having to sacrifice any of the Actros’s high safety standards.

The specialist for volume transport

The new Actros Volumer also gives you the opportunity to be even more economical on the road. Specialised for volume transport, it has a coupling point height of under 900 mm and can for example handle high requirements for 4 x 2 semitrailer tractors. In practical use that means: a clear loading height of 3 m. In addition to the large cargo volume the fuel-saving drive system configurations and larger tank volume of the new Actros Volumer, for example, also help contribute to greater economy. Application-based cab variants such as the CompactSpace, which is ideal for auto transport, are another plus.