Warns the driver of fatigue.

Evaluates relevant parameters to identify tired drivers.

The ATTENTION ASSIST system can help to avoid momentary nodding off and therefore, in particular on long or night journeys, contributes towards increased driving safety. The system visually and audibly warns drivers if it identifies typical signs of fatigue or inaccurate behaviour and suggests to take a break. Steering wheel movements are used to analyse the handling and generate an individual driver profile.
A five-stage, colour bar chart visualises the degree of attention being shown by the driver and displays this in the multifunction display of the instrument cluster. If ATTENTION ASSIST ascertains that the level of attention is low, it displays the symbol of a cup of coffee to encourage the driver to take a break, and an acoustic signal is sounded. The system works at speeds between 60 and 200 km/h, it can be set to display at a determined sensitivity level and can be switched off entirely.