"One-for-One Replacement" Scheme for electric vehicles

One-for-one replacement scheme for electric car


A first registration tax (FRT) concession of up to $97,500 is offered for electric private cars; if your current vehicle is eligible for the One-for-One Replacement Scheme, the total amount in tax concessions* will be extended to HK$287,500.

Is your vehicle eligible?

  • First registered in Hong Kong six or more years ago

  • Registered under your name for 18 months or more

  • Licensed for at least 10 months (i.e. 304 days or more) within the 12 months immediately before its de-registration

  • The period between the de-registration date of the old vehicle and the submission date of the first registration application for
    the replacement vehicle must not exceed three months

Let us handle the following procedures for you:
  • Evaluate your vehicle eligibility for the One-for-One Replacement Scheme

  • After you have arranged for your old vehicle to be scrapped, we can assist in its de-registration, including retention of the current registration mark, if necessary

  • Apply for tax concession under the One-for-One Replacement Scheme from the Transport Department  

For more details on the One-for-One Replacement Scheme, please contact our EQ product specialist.

Enquiries: 2504 6140

*Information on the One-for-One Replacement Scheme from the Transport Department shall prevail