Equipment features.

Make the EQB your EQB.

Standard equipment

Highlights as standard.

Many attractive design, comfort and safety features are already in series production for the EQB.

Standard equipment

Highlights as standard.

Many attractive design, comfort and safety features are already in series production for the EQB.

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  • LED light strip.

    The light strip at the front on top of the Black Panel grille and at the rear between the LED rear lights is the EQB's visual and characterful distinguishing feature.

  • Das Bild zeigt den Adaptiven Fernlicht-Assistent des EQB von Mercedes-Benz.

    LED High Performance headlamps.

    The LED High Performance headlamps provide more safety at night and an unmistakable, distinctive look. LED technology illuminates the road ahead better than conventional headlamps – and it uses less energy.
    Activate Adaptive Highbeam Assist with one operation, take advantage of the high beam range. Whenever the system detects no vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic, it switches on the high beam. This means that you can see the road surface or any hazards more clearly. Furthermore, there is no need for you to keep switching between main and dipped beam yourself.

  • Das Bild zeigt das Laderaum-Paket des EQB von Mercedes-Benz.

    Load Compartment Package

    Transport everyday and leisure items even more practically and safely. The Load Compartment Package combines additional stowage and connection options such as the 12 V socket. Your vehicle gains versatility and becomes a mini charging point. For example, it powers your cooling bag for shopping or a trip to the beach.

  • Das Bild zeigt den Knopf der EASY-PACK Heckklappe des EQB von Mercedes-Benz.

    EASY-PACK tailgate.

    Really practical: the EASY-PACK tailgate can be opened and closed electrically and makes loading and unloading the boot even more convenient. You can start the opening and closing process very conveniently at the press of a button and interrupt it at any time by pressing the button again.

  • Reversing camera.

    The reversing camera shows the surrounding area to the rear on the media display. Concealed obstacles and kerbs which are not visible become clearly visible thanks to the different views. As such you can even manoeuvre into tricky parking spaces without any concern. In addition, the camera image makes things easier when approaching and hitching up trailers.

The image shows the exterior of the EQB by Mercedes-Benz with standard equipment.
  • LED light strip

  • LED High Performance headlamps

  • Load Compartment Package

  • EASY-PACK tailgate

  • Reversing camera

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  • Das Bild zeigt die 4-Wege-Lordosenstütze des EQB von Mercedes-Benz.

    4-way lumbar support.

    For an ergonomic seating position and relaxed back muscles. The 4-way lumbar support is a small detail which has a big impact. It adjusts the seat contour to your lower back and provides support. There are four possible settings: higher, lower, softer and harder.

  • Das Bild zeigt das Ablagefach in der Mittelkonsole mit Rollo des EQB von Mercedes-Benz.

    Stowage compartment in centre console with retractable cover.

    The retractable cover for the stowage compartment in the centre console offers you elegant protection from prying eyes in a high-quality material. This looks good, the interior appears even tidier, and everything important is to hand. The practical stowage compartment can house typical everyday items such as smartphone, wallet or various keys.

  • Das Bild zeigt die Dachbedieneinheit des EQB von Mercedes-Benz mit transparenten Lichtscheiben.

    Light and Sight Package.

    More light sources for better orientation – here are some more details: for instance, transparent light discs in the overhead control panel generate a three-dimensional crystal effect. The vanity mirror in the sun visor is illuminated for a quick glance or when putting on make-up.

  • Digital radio.

    Digital radio provides you with even more information and entertainment thanks to significantly more programmes. Select your own favourite station. At the same time, the clear, noise-free reception enhances listening pleasure.

  • Das Bild zeigt das Multimediasystem MBUX im EQB von Mercedes-Benz mit 26 cm (10,25“)-Display.

    MBUX multimedia system.

    With the MBUX multimedia system you can control various features of your EQB intelligently and intuitively via the large, high-resolution screens – be it via hand movement, touch or speech. With the words "Hey Mercedes" you can activate MBUX and express your wishes. Interfaces for smartphone and digital media also ensure optimum infotainment.

  • Ambient lighting

    Showcase the interior according to your personal preferences or current mood. The 64 colours of the ambient lighting create exciting colour schemes, which can alternate dynamically or illuminate several areas in different colours.

The image shows the interior of the EQB by Mercedes-EQ with standard equipment.
  • 4-way lumbar support

  • Stowage compartment in centre console with retractable cover

  • Light and Sight Package

  • Digital radio

  • MBUX multimedia system

  • Ambient lighting

Equipment packages


Equipment packages


  • Advanced Plus Package

    Advanced Plus Package.

    The image shows the stowage compartment for wireless charging in the oddments tray at the front in the centre console of the EQB from Mercedes-EQ.

    Wireless charging system for mobile devices

    Advanced Plus Package.

    You tangibly gain comfort with this package. In addition to the Advanced Package you also receive the KEYLESS-GO Convenience Package, for example. In addition, the THERMOTRONIC dual-zone automatic climate control and the powerful Advanced Sound System contribute to your well-being while driving, while you can charge your smartphone wirelessly.

    • Wireless charging system for mobile devices
    • THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control
    • KEYLESS-GO Convenience Package
    • Advanced Sound System
    • Widescreen Cockpit, consisting of media display and fully digital Instrument Display, each with a 26 cm (10.25-inch) screen diagonal
    • Parking Package with reversing camera
    • Mirror Package
    • Blind Spot Assist

Optional extras

More highlights for your EQB.

For even more comfort, safety or functionality: discover all the available optional equipment that you can choose to add.

Optional extras

More highlights for your EQB.

For even more comfort, safety or functionality: discover all the available optional equipment that you can choose to add.

The image shows the optionally available panoramic sliding sunroof of the EQB from Mercedes-Benz.

Panoramic sliding sunroof

The image shows the multimedia display in the EQB from Mercedes-Benz with Apple CarPlay®.

Smartphone Integration